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5 Ways to Keep Your Money From Slipping Away

1. Cash in on income tax savings. When you make a donation to the University of Minnesota Foundation now, we both benefit. Your generosity enables us to meet our pressing needs and you receive immediate tax benefits.

2. Keep your savings intact. Make a bank account payable on death (POD) to the University of Minnesota Foundation. The savings are there for you if you need them, and after your lifetime, we receive them to use for our important work.

3. Avoid the tax bite on retirement assets. Taxes can consume a substantial portion of your retirement assets. When you leave retirement assets to us after your lifetime, you eliminate the estate and income taxation of these assets.

4. Look for great rates. Consider the benefits of a life income gift. This type of plan provides you with retirement income for the rest of your life or a steady income for a loved one, and, thereafter, the remainder supports our charitable mission.

5. Live now, give later. A gift to the University of Minnesota Foundation through your will or trust may be the perfect way to provide support. You are able to help us in the future without using assets today.

Contact Planned Giving at 612-624-3333 or 800-775-2187 or for more ways to stretch your money and make the most of your generosity.

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