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Marie Youngkrantz
Marie Youngkrantz
Soothing of music

"I believe anybody can be helped with music," says Marie Youngkrantz, who learned to sing as she learned to talk, began violin lessons at the age of two, and added piano and flute lessons at age six. She's a senior now learning the guitar and majoring in music therapy, which she calls "an amazing field."

No doubt Gardner Roth, '37 B.A., '45 M.A., would feel just as strongly about the power of music. Roth taught music in the Long Beach, Calif. school district and played violin in the community orchestra for 24 years.

Having no children, he and his wife, Katherine, decided to help future music education and music therapy students through their estate. But the U's matching gift program motivated them to establish a fellowship and a scholarship during life.

Youngkrantz is a recent beneficiary of the Roths' generosity: "It's neat to know that donors can take what they've done with their lives and use it to help students better their lives and move forward in their careers. Receiving this scholarship is such a stress reliever, and it warms my heart. I wish I could thank the donors."

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