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Future Gifts

Future gifts may take the form of a simple bequest from a will or living trust, the designation of retirement plan assets or life insurance, or a gift that can provide income payments to you or your loved ones for life. Future gifts are made today, but generally are not available for use by the University of Minnesota until some future date, generally after the death of the donor. Future gifts include:

Request a brochure or newsletter with more information on these gift plans.

View a Statement of Future Gift (PDF) for an Estate Gift.

Donors of future gifts are recognized as members of the Heritage Society, a part of the University of Minnesota Presidents Club.

Planned Giving can also assist with outright gifts of real estate, tangible personal property, appreciated securities, and with the creation of charitable lead trusts that provide an income stream to the University now with gift and estate tax benefits for you and your family later on. We invite you and your professional advisors to explore our website and learn about the many opportunities and options for future gifts to the University of Minnesota!

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