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Hazel and Roger Perkins
Hazel and Roger Perkins
CaringBridg Legacy Gift Amplifies Love Worldwide

CaringBridge's mission to amplify love, hope and compassion in the world, making each health journey easier, was bolstered recently thanks to an estate gift from Roger and Hazel Perkins of Edina, Minn.

"Roger and Hazel Perkins were all about love! They were genuinely grateful for everything," recalls their pastor, Kurt Kalland of Mount Olivet Lutheran Church. Hazel was even thankful for email, a technology she discovered in her late 80s. "While these days most of us are connected to email, and sometimes want to avoid it, Hazel cherished it. She was the ultimate connector and email allowed her to easily stay in touch with those she loved most," says Kari Barker, a close personal friend.

As Hazel neared the end of her life, she and Kari discussed the Perkinses' legacy. Ultimately, Roger and Hazel desired to leave a legacy where care and connection were the focus, and where their gift would impact many lives for years to come. This made CaringBridge a natural fit. "While she never used the service during her lifetime, she appreciated how CaringBridge helps families stay connected, especially during a difficult health journey when hope is all there is to hold on to," Kari reflects.

The Roger and Hazel Perkins Endowed Fund is the largest planned gift CaringBridge has received to date and helps ensure that CaringBridge's personal and private sites remain available for families in need. "This legacy gift to CaringBridge combines Roger and Hazel's core beliefs: caring for others and the power of connection," Kari says.

See the video featured on KSTP Channel 5 News for Roger & Hazel Perkins:

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