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What is the Heritage Society?

Members of the Heritage Society are those generous people who have named the University of Dubuque in their will or have donated to one of the deferred giving plans available to charitable individuals.

They are contributors who sincerely believe in the University of Dubuque as a quality institution of higher learning in the United States.

Members of the Heritage Society demonstrate, by example, their belief in the University of Dubuque and encourage others to join them in supporting the university through bequests and deferred gifts.

Who is eligible for membership?
All persons who make deferred gifts to the University of Dubuque are members of the Heritage Society. Eligibility for memberships is not dependent on the amount of the gift or the age of the donor.

What is a “Deferred Gift”?
Deferred or planned gifts enable a donor to make a substantial gift to the university and receive something in return. The donor may receive an annual income each year, a sizable tax deduction, and a possible deduction of estate and gift taxes. They have full approval from both the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

At the same time, a deferred gift enables the University of Dubuque to more adequately plan for the future because the deferred or future gift is a known factor. Deferred gifts have always been the key element in establishing and building an endowment fund.

A deferred gift is also a means by which a donor can perpetuate his or her name or the name of a loved one forever in the history of the university. Common examples include scholarships, named rooms or named buildings. There are many opportunities and talking with the advancement staff will help determine the best options for you.

There are several forms of deferred giving, all of which qualify donors for membership in the Heritage Society:
A bequest in a will
A charitable gift annuity
A revocable trust
A charitable remainder trust
A charitable lead trust
A gift of home or farm with lifetime occupancy
A life insurance policy
A retirement fund

Benefits of joining the Heritage Society
The primary benefit of membership in the Heritage Society is the knowledge that you are helping to ensure the future of the University of Dubuque. The university also holds special activities for members.

You will receive:

  • Receipt of president’s newsletters, special announcements of art exhibits, cultural events and continuing education programs
  • A framed certificate as public acknowledgement of your membership in the Heritage Society
  • Listing in the annual report (if desired)
  • Invitations to regional meetings that will allow closer relationships with University personnel

If you have made a provision in your will for a bequest to the University of Dubuque and you have not informed us, please let us know. We would like to include you as a member of our Heritage Society.

If you wish to discuss the proper wording for a bequest in your will or find out about the deferred or planned gifts available, please call or write:

University of Dubuque
Heritage Society
2000 University Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52001
Toll Free Phone: 800-483-2586
Local Phone: (563) 589-3809

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