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Saint Elizabeth Chapel Renovation

Patients, families, volunteers and associates find daily solace through prayer, worship and meditation in the chapel. Mass is held daily and is telecast in each patient’s room upon request. Two worship services are held on Sunday mornings and a memorial service is held 4 times per year for families who have lost loved ones.

The chapel has not been updated since it was built nearly 40 years ago. With thousands of visitors over the years, the carpet is worn, the lighting is poor, and it is time for rejuvenation.

The plans for the chapel include replacing the carpet, highlighting the altar with the same slate flooring in the lobby, and replacing water-stained ceiling tiles with a new vaulted wood ceiling. The lighting will all be upgraded to include decorative fixtures at the vaulted area. New flame-retardant window treatments will provide natural lighting and reduce glare. Many fine features of the chapel will be retained including the stained glass windows and exquisite statues of Mary and Joseph and Saint Elizabeth.

Total Cost of Renovation:  $300,000

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