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Gifts You Make Today
Gifts You Make Today
A Special Gift That Supports Incredible Care
On Feb. 8, 2008, Ed and Anna Jost's niece, Kim, went into labor. Kim's third child, Brandon, was born with Down's Syndrome and admitted into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Thanks to the expert care provided by our level IV NICU in Milwaukee and a multidisciplinary team of specialists, Kim and her husband, Greg, are now blessed to have a six-year-old boy who is growing stronger each day. More
Truly Wonderful
How does one describe a woman who spent her entire career teaching first graders, whose love of kids led her and her late husband, Franklin, to arrange for a gift to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin in their estate plans? How about Mrs. Wonderful? It's an endearing nickname that Carol Kling embodies. More
A Place to Call Home
First birthdays are an important milestone. For Steve Scheil, imagining a tiny, smiling, frosting-covered face, it was all the more special. At the age of one, Steve Scheil was adopted and found the warmth of a loving "forever" home. More
Gifts That Pay You Income
Foresight for Future Planning
Nick and Jodi Zerillo included Children’s in their wills long before their firsthand experience in our NICU when their daughter, Angelina, was born. More
Gifts That Pay You Income
First on the Itinerary: Helping Kids
Conscientious planning. These two words fittingly describe both Bruce and Karen Polzin. When Bruce and Karen first experienced Children's Hospital of Wisconsin, it was apparent to them that Children's takes conscientious planning to heart. More
Gifts That Pay You Income
A Reason for Giving
According to Roger and Audrey Schultz, there is often a reason for everything. As grandparents of a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy in the early 1970s, they feel that if today's breadth of medical services had been available at the time of their grandson's birth, the severity of his condition might have been lessened. More


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