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3 Things You Need to Know About Your Finances

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To protect yourselves and your family, it's essential that you and your spouse are comfortable with your family's finances and estate plans. Being disorganized financially could cause you a lot of unnecessary stress.

Take this quiz with your spouse to see how much each of you knows.

  1. What and where are your major assets? These could include savings, checking and retirement accounts; investments; life insurance; business or trust assets; and real estate or other property like boats or vehicles.
  2. What is your financial plan? Do you have a strategy for saving for upcoming events, unexpected circumstances and charitable giving?
  3. What is your estate plan? Do you know what will happen when you or your spouse passes away? Do you know where to find documents pertaining to your estate plans and how you will cover expenses? Who are your beneficiaries, and how will you leave a legacy?
Finding Answers
If either of you found yourselves drawing a blank on any of these questions, learn more about your finances by filling each other in. When you share your knowledge with each other, you can look to the future with confidence. Also, if you would like to know more about the many tax-wise ways you can support the AGA Research Foundation through your estate, please contact Harmony Excellent today at 301-272-1602 or, at no obligation.

Get organized with our free eBrochure, Estate Planning Starters: The Information You'll Need and How to Gather It.

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