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A Simple Gift to Us That Pays You Income for Life

If you are interested in supplementing your retirement income and also want to make a gift to a Genesis Foundation, consider a charitable gift annuity.

Q. What is a charitable gift annuity?
A. It's a contract with a Genesis Foundation in which:
  • You agree to make an irrevocable donation to us.
  • a Genesis Foundation agrees to make fixed annual payments to you (or someone you choose) for your lifetime.
  • The portion of your gift that remains at your death helps support our mission.

Q. What are the benefits?
A. It's a gift that:

  • Enables you to meet your charitable goals.
  • Provides you with tax-favored lifetime payments.
  • Offers immediate income tax savings (if you itemize).

If you're retired and depend on appreciated stocks for income, consider funding a gift annuity with those stocks. You'll still receive income—in many cases, in higher amounts.

Q. What payments can I expect?
A. The rate of payment is determined by the ages of those receiving payments at the time of the contribution—the older the person receiving payments, the higher the rate. The rates are attractive and are locked in for the duration of the annuity.

For more information about charitable gift annuities, contact Steve Goebel, CFRE at 309-281-4392 or, or call your tax planning professional.

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