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Stock Transfers and Wire Transfers

Stock Transfer Information

Please click here for The Hunger Project's stock transfer information.

Wiring Instructions for The Hunger Project’s Bank Account

The wiring instructions to The Hunger Project Donation Account are:

JP Morgan Chase
386 Park Avenue South and 27th Street
New York, New York 10010

ABA # 021000021

Credit: The Global Hunger Project
5 Union Square West, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Account # 904113914

Please wire U.S. DOLLARS ONLY and send confirmation to Lena Ariola or Maria Scharin by phone (212-251-9100) or fax (212-532-9785) with the following information:

Name of person or company making the transfer
Any restrictions if applicable?
For how much?
What is the date of the wire?
From what bank?

Wire transfers are NOT instant. Please specify with your bank that you wish to have the funds wired within 24 hours, to ensure that The Hunger Project receives the funds in a timely fashion.

For questions, please contact Jim Goodman, JD, CAP®, and 1-800-228-6691 or jim.goodman@thp.org.

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