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A. Cary Hawthorne, Jr
A. Cary Hawthorne, Jr
Gift Planning Profile: A. Cary Hawthorne, Jr.

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Short visits to New York's Central Park were a young Cary Hawthorne's only experiences with nature. He was a young boy when the stock market crashed, and his family left the city for Long Island. During those difficult times, Cary's parents asked his grandfather in Maryland to look after him while they settled things at home.

An early love for nature
Cary remembered that his grandfather was very fond of nature and the outdoors, and even fonder of watching his grandson enjoy his new rural surroundings. When Cary returned to Long Island, he spent time swimming, fishing and bird watching. Nature is God's greatest gift," he said.

Cary received his MBA from the University of Maryland and was both a successful marketing teacher and professional salesman. He spent his retirement living in North Carolina where he enjoyed catch–and–release fishing, golfing with his son, and volunteering for many charitable organizations.

A member since 1987, Cary believed strongly in World Wildlife Fund's global approach to conservation. "I did not want to leave this Earth without saying 'Thank you' to WWF for what you do."

Accelerating his gift
Initially, Cary planned to leave a portion of his estate to WWF through his will. But after learning about WWF Charitable Gift Annuities, he decided to change his plans.

Though he was not a rich man, Cary had saved and prepared for his future. Like many older Americans, however, he found that his investments had not been producing the income he once expected for his retirement and that he could safely earn only 4 to 5 percent.

When asked what it took to make a career in sales, Cary said, "To be successful, you must consider the needs of others." He felt that World Wildlife Fund was able to meet both his own needs and those of the environment through a WWF Charitable Gift Annuity.

A. Cary Hawthorne, Jr. passed away in early 2012, having lived his life connected to conservation and he also left a legacy for the future of nature.

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