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The Newman Society

The Newman Society recognizes and honors, during their lifetimes, those individuals whose vision and inclination move them to perpetuate Newman University through a special or an estate plan gift.

The essential requirement for inclusion in the Newman Society is an indication that an individual has made specific plans to provide for the University in his/her estate distribution by one or more of the following means:

  • a specific provision by will,
  • creation of a charitable remainder trust (or designation as beneficiary),
  • purchase of a charitable gift annuity,
  • assignment of life insurance,
  • assignment of retirement benefit,
  • a gift of property with life estate reserved, or
  • an assignment of individual retirement account (IRA).

In short, anyone who provides for the University in his/her estate plan may become a member of the Newman Society.  Such farsighted estate planning will, in most cases, increase the member's spendable income and/or reduce the shrinkage of the estate by virtue of tax advantages.

Most importantly, friends of Newman University extend their influence beyond their lifetimes and for generations to come through the University and its quality education for promising and deserving students.

Current Members:
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