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Doctor Rausch
Proof That the Interventional Cardiology Program Saves Lives

"As a physician who has practiced medical oncology in Frederick since 1979, I have always been proud of our Medical Staff. In the last 30 years our staff has grown, not only in numbers, but in expertise and talents. One of these advances may very well have just saved my life! Let me take a moment to tell you about it.

Last Thursday, I was in the hospital for the Breast Conference – a meeting where a multidisciplinary group reviews every new abnormal mammogram or biopsy showing breast cancer. In the middle of the meeting I began to experience chest pain. At first, I thought nothing of it. However, as pain increased, it was soon apparent to me that this was more than indigestion – a lot more! Fortunately for me, our Interventional Cardiology program was in place and fully operational.

So I made my way to the Emergency Room and within a matter of moments, I was in the cath lab undergoing a coronary artery balloon angioplasty by Dr. Williams. It may well have saved my life.

The FMH Interventional Cardiology program is a wonderful and important service for our community and I am grateful to have this service available in our hospital for our community. I sincerely thank all of my colleagues who have worked so hard to bring this program to fruitition."

--Dr. P. Gregory Rausch

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