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Tina and John Lee
Tina and John Lee
There's No Place Like Home

To say that John and Tina Lee love all things Frederick would be an understatement. This energetic couple, who are both parents and grandparents, are involved in a variety of Frederick-based activities and volunteer projects. In addition, both feel fortunate to live and work in their hometown: Tina as a branch manager at Woodsboro Bank's Downtown Frederick office, and John as a medical assistant for the Frederick Regional Health System.

Many local organizations receive the benefit of John and Tina's time, but the two have made a decision to channel the vast majority of their charitable giving to Frederick Memorial Hospital.

"There are a lot of deserving organizations out there," explains John, "but the hospital is one we absolutely could not do without. FMH touches just about everyone in one way or another. I feel it's important for those of us who can to do what we can to help them grow and maintain a high quality of care."

"We like being able to see where our contributions are going," adds Tina. "It's good to see our donations being converted into things like The Women's Center (at FMH Crestwood) and the expanded heart program at FMH. We're not the hospitals biggest donors, but we feel that if a lot of people do a little, we'll get there."

John and Tina are members of The 1902 Club at the Silver Level, and John, because he is an FMH employee, is also a member of ACE (A Caring Employee). Because he takes advantage of the payroll deduction plan, the couple say they don't even feel the contribution—but it adds up considerably over time in terms of benefit to the hospital.

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