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Grassroots Conservation Campaign
The Grassroots Conservation Campaign: "Top 10 Results"

By David R. Bue, Pheasants Forever Vice President of Development

Over the last five years, the Grassroots Conservation Campaign has helped Pheasants Forever dramatically increase its impact on its mission. This could not have come at a more critical time! As we have all seen the last two years, pheasants and quail (and their habitat) are in peril. This past fall, many of us saw our favorite cattail slough on fire in North Dakota, our beloved Kansas CRP field converted to corn or soybeans, the South Dakota prairie succumbing to drain tile, and Nebraska's and Iowa's continued loss of grassland. Intense habitat pressures across the entire country, combined with widespread drought, led to steep declines in our nation's pheasant population. I have nightmares about what the landscape would look like right now without Pheasants Forever. We are the "voice of the long-tailed bird" and we answered the call to do more for wildlife habitat with the Grassroots Conservation Campaign.

The Grassroots Conservation Campaign, and the support provided by passionate individuals from across the country, provided Pheasants Forever with the resources needed to combat the challenges facing the upland hunting tradition. Thank you to those who answered the call to do more for wildlife habitat conservation by supporting Pheasants Forever's Grassroots Conservation Campaign. You can join these individuals in support of the Grassroots Conservation Campaign by making a contribution today!

Please know that, as we celebrate the successes of the Campaign, Pheasants Forever, along with our partners, volunteers, and supporters, has never been more steadfast and motivated to save our upland tradition. We are making a difference! But, we need your help.

We challenge you to give back by taking your support of Pheasants Forever to the next level. We ask you to consider making Pheasants Forever part of your annual budget by contributing annually to Pheasants Forever. We also invite you to leave a legacy by joining our Habitat Legacy Society by including Pheasants Forever in your will.

Top 10 Results Generated by the Grassroots Conservation Campaign
1. Raising more than $30 million in gifts and pledges for Pheasants Forever's upland habitat conservation and youth mentoring efforts
2. Exceeding 200 Campaign Major Gifts and Campaign Partnerships across the country
3. More than 8.5 million acres impacted
4. Impacting 4.1 million acres since 2007
5. Placing Farm Bill Wildlife Biologists in 18 states to help private landowners increase the wildlife habitat conservation efforts on their property
6. Growing Pheasants Forever's Habitat Legacy Society membership to more than 250 passionate Legacy donors
7. Launching Pheasants Forever's newest youth initiative, Forever Shooting Sports
8. Mentoring more than 250,000 kids
9. Permanently protecting more than 1,313 parcels of upland habitat and opening 161,867 acres to public hunting
10. Building significant momentum to save the pheasant and quail hunting tradition!

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