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Find a Gift That Works for You

If you would like to make a gift to support the long-term future of Excelsior College, you'll want to start by assessing your goals and wishes. To see which planned giving options suit you best, try ranking these benefits in order of importance to you:

___ Retain flexibility
___ Receive an income tax deduction
___ Ensure the future of my favorite cause
___ Provide for my loved ones

Now, see which type of gift matches your priorities.

To retain flexibility, you can leave a gift to Excelsior College in your will or living trust. You are free to change your mind at any time to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

To receive an income tax deduction, consider creating and funding a charitable remainder trust. You'll receive payments from the trust for your lifetime (and/or the lifetime of another beneficiary you choose) or a fixed number of years. Thereafter, we'll use the trust's balance for our charitable mission.

Test your knowledge
Test your knowledge on financially savvy ways of making a difference.

To ensure the future of your favorite cause, you can create a named endowment at Excelsior College. You make a gift, we carefully invest the money and then, annually, a portion of the endowment is used to meet our needs. The rest of the endowment remains invested to keep it healthy and growing. Your name—and your support of our cause—will live on long after you're gone.

To provide for your loved ones, make sure their inheritances don't carry an unnecessary tax burden. Qualified retirement plans and IRAs are the biggest offenders. Naming Excelsior College as beneficiary of these types of assets avoids that problem since we are tax-exempt, and you can leave less tax-burdened assets to your loved ones.

Contact Us
We would be happy to assist you and your professional advisors in creating the ideal charitable combination for you. Simply contact Marcy Stryker at 518-608-8287 or mstryker@excelsior.edu.

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