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UK Fund for Charities

The UK Fund for Charities is a United Kingdom registered charity, established in 2003. The UK Fund's International Program has two purposes: to make supporting non-UK charities as simple as possible for UK donors, and to offer a way for donors to maximize their donation.

The UK Fund acts much like a donor-advised fund does in the US: you make a donation to the UK Fund for Charities and recommend Mount Holyoke to receive the grant.
  • UK taxpayers, regardless of residency or nationality, can make donations to the UK Fund.
  • The primary advantage of making a gift to Mount Holyoke through the Fund is that you can increase your donation through a UK Government approved plan called 'Gift Aid.'
  • Through Gift Aid, Mount Holyoke can recover the basic rate tax that a UK tax payer has paid on her donation; at current tax rates, it increases the value of the donation by 25%.
To make a gift to Mount Holyoke through the UK Fund for Charities, complete and submit its online form at Be sure to "tick the Gift Aid box" so the UK Fund is able to make the Gift Aid claim. Once the reclaimed tax has been received by the UK Fund, it is added to the original gift and sent to Mount Holyoke.

Thank you for supporting Mount Holyoke through this special option. Please call the Office of Gift Planning with any questions at 1-800-MHC-GIVE.

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