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Wyatt and Mason Beazley
Wyatt and Mason Beazley
Wyatt and Mason Beazley: Bequests—A Simple Way to Support the Charities You Cherish

Wyatt Beazley is a doctor, so when the time came for his mother to enter Westminster Canterbury, he knew what she needed. He says that living here offered her "health, security, and a warm place to be as well as mental stimulation and companionship. It extended her life!"

Wyatt, along with his wife Mason, became intimately involved with Westminster Canterbury during his mother's residency here. After she moved into assisted living, they had peace of mind knowing that she was being taken care of even when they weren't around. There were no more midnight phone calls or pots left burning unattended on a stove. After her passing in 2002, Wyatt continued his involvement with the community.

After serving on the corporate board from 2000 to 2004, Wyatt served on volunteer committees of Westminster Canterbury before becoming a trustee for the Foundation board. His profession, along with his convictions about access to the best possible health services for older adults, led to Wyatt's chairing the Foundation's Major Gifts Committee, which has made enhancements in health services a priority. "Access to excellent health services someday is ultimately the reason people move to a retirement community," notes Wyatt.

Fellowship, our community's rare program that provides financial assistance for housing and uncovered medical-related needs, is another strong interest of Wyatt and Mason.

Thanks to their longtime family and volunteer involvement, Wyatt and Mason decided to make a bequest to Westminster Canterbury. Their generous bequest is provided through a trust, and all it took was a morning with a lawyer to make arrangements. Wyatt and Mason appreciate the simplicity of their gift and the comfort of knowing they can change their minds if necessary. They also shared their wishes with their three adult children.

"We have been very fortunate in our lives, and it is important to us to give back by supporting the community we know very well," Wyatt says.

Wyatt likes to share his affinity for Westminster Canterbury with others and ask for their support both morally and financially. The Beazleys are delighted to be able to share their good fortune through a bequest.

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