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Charles Beever and Family
Frederic Zeigen: Donor in the Spotlight

Frederic Zeigen is known as "The Forgotten Man" in University of Miami history.  While he played a vital role in the founding of UM—becoming its pro bono administrator, secretary of the board of regents, and spokesperson—few people knew the level of his involvement.  A successful banker, world traveler and writer, Mr. Zeigen devoted much of his time and his own money to help create the University of Miami.  His greatest feat was convincing George Merrick to give the nascent university 160 acres, fund the first building, and create a $4 million endowment. 

His daughter, Phyllis Kenard, was pleased to see her father finally recognized during the University's 75th anniversary in a Lowe Art Museum exhibit called "The Pathway to Greatness: Building the University of Miami, 1926-2001". Upon her death, Ms. Kennard left, through her will, a final legacy – a $1 million unrestricted gift that fulfilled her father's 1920s pledge, which he was unable to pay because the Depression had wiped out his assets.

Thanks to his daughter, "The Forgotten Man" is not forgotten and will be remembered in a way worthy of his tremendous contributions.  Her gift in his memory will be used to support the expansion of the Libraries, and a plaque bearing his name will be placed there to commemorate his importance to the University.

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