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Paula and Frank Mroz
Paula and Frank Mroz, MD created a planned gift to benefit Albany Medical College students.
Dr. Frank Mroz's Journey From Volunteer to Donor

Charitable Gift Annuity Will Help Future Medical Students

Dr. Frank M. Mroz '73 grew up next door to the Manchester VA Medical Center in New Hampshire. His volunteer work at the VA started in elementary school when he was a disc jockey at the hospital's in-house station. In high school, he volunteered as a VA laboratory technician, which led to a paid tech position at Elliot Hospital. Frank became so proficient at drawing blood that they sent the teenager, who did not yet have a driver's license, in a taxi to draw the blood of patients in nursing homes around the city.

Graduating from Albany Medical College in 1973, Frank felt a deep sense of connection by "joining the long scarlet line of graduates." Now, he is giving back to his alma mater in a way that will help future medical students attain scholarship assistance and support the work of Albany Medical Center and its unique role in the Capital Region as the only academic medical center.

Frank, a diagnostic and interventional radiologist, and his wife, Paula, a psychiatric nurse, established a charitable gift annuity at Albany Medical College. "We wanted to thank Albany Medical College for the opportunity and educational experience they provided me, which led to a successful and incredibly rewarding career professionally and financially," Frank said. The annuity appealed to him because it has tax benefits, helped with estate planning and looked to the future.

"It's all about paying it forward," Paula said. "Frank and I strongly believe in supporting medical students with a gift that will perpetuate the kind of excellent medical training that Frank received in Albany."

Frank graduated from Albany Medical College debt-free because of the Air Force Medical Education Program, which covered all medical school expenses while he served on active duty. Frank is a retired Colonel who served 16 years in the U.S. Air Force and another 16 years in the Army Reserves.

He also enjoyed a 31-year career in private radiology practice in Bangor, Maine, where he recently retired as a principal with Spectrum Medical Group. He is a former president of the Maine Radiological Society, councilor to the American College of Radiology (ACR), and ACR fellowship recipient.

The flexibility of Frank's medical training served him well during military and medical careers that spanned "the digital transformation in radiology from single films to routine studies of hundreds to even thousands of diagnostic images per patient."

The couple, who has three grown children and a grandson, is selling their home in Maine and relocating to Manchester, N.H. Paula will continue to work, aside from a month off for a China trip. In retirement, Frank pursues a wide range of hobbies, from photography to scuba diving, woodworking to amateur radio operation. He got his start in radio, after all, as the in-house DJ at the Manchester VA Medical Center.

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