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Choosing Securities

To ensure an efficient and beneficial experience, choose securities that meet these criteria:
  • You have owned them for at least a year. If not, your charitable deduction will be limited to what you paid for the securities, including fees.
  • They are worth more than what you paid for them. If not, consider selling the securities and giving the university the proceeds. Doing this will allow you to claim a capital loss and a charitable income tax deduction if you itemize deductions on your income tax return.
  • They are publicly traded (i.e., are listed on a major exchange). In many cases, we can handle securities that are not listed on a major exchange, are subject to certain restrictions, or even are issued by a closely-held company, but these transactions take time and pose valuation issues.
Information for Your Broker
Besides the following information about the university's account, your broker also may need written authorization from you before the transfer can take place. Check with him or her for specific requirements.
Acct. Title: University of Redlands Tax ID: 95-1643389
Acct. #: KY10939
DTC #: 0221

Broker: David ("Dave") McLaughlin
Assistant: Tammy Ziegler

Address: UBS Financial Services
300 E. State Street, Suite250
Redlands, CA 92373-5235

Telephone: (800) 458-7384 (branch)
(909) 335-2121 (direct line)
(909) 335-2114 (assistant)
Depending on your brokerage firm's internal procedures, transferring shares can take as little as one or two business days or as long as 10 to 15. Keep this in mind near the end of the calendar year. For income tax purposes, your gift is complete only when the shares reach the university's account.

Please Notify Us
Not all brokerage houses routinely convey the donor's name as part of the transfer process. To ensure prompt processing and acknowledgement of your gift, please notify the university when you have authorized a transfer of shares, including the name of your brokerage house and the name and the number of shares of each security to be transferred.

Please call Ray Watts, CFRE at (909) 748-8358, or email us at, for more information.

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