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Legacy Pride

The Wildcat Sanctuary relies upon our members and supporters to help us build and maintain proper facilities, health care, quality nutrition and qualified staff. Because TWS receives no public funds we must look to individuals such as yourself to support the animals and our programs today and to provide a legacy for their future.

TWS' staff and volunteers are frequently asked how supporters can make a major gift during their life or upon their death. You can decide how to designate a gift either for a specific program or project or make a general contribution, which will be used to support all of TWS' programs and services. In many cases you may also enjoy significant tax benefits.

The Wildcat Sanctuary is grateful to our supporters who have already advised us of their intentions to provide for the animals by making a planned gift. We honor them with membership in The Wildcat Sanctuary's Legacy Pride. To become a member, please fill out and return the Letter of Intent (PDF).

We welcome the opportunity to have a confidential conversation with you at no obligation. If you should be a member of the Legacy Pride, or would like information, please reply to:

Tammy Thies

Copyright © The Wildcat Sanctuary. All Rights Reserved.

© The Wildcat Sanctuary. All rights reserved.