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If You Don't Need Extra Income Right Now...

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If you are not yet retired, a deferred charitable gift annuity may be the right charitable gift for you. You'll receive the same benefits as regular gift annuities but with considerably higher rates.

How It Works
You make the contribution to us now, securing a current income tax charitable deduction. Starting at any date you select, UC Riverside Foundation provides you with fixed payments for life. This is especially advantageous if your tax bracket is higher now than it will be later when you retire. The rate depends on your age now and your age when the payments will begin. Because payments are deferred, the rate is considerably higher than with an immediate gift annuity. Your charitable deduction is larger, too, when you choose to defer the start of your payments.

In addition, for many people, contributions to IRAs, 401(k) plans and other retirement plans are limited. The deferred payment gift annuity is a good way to provide the additional retirement income you desire.

Deferred Charitable Gift Annuity
Gift of cash
Greater income tax deduction
Deferred Gift Annuity
Period of deferral
After your lifetime
Greater Fixed Payments for Life
Remainder Supports UC Riverside Foundation

Download a free guide to learn more about deferred charitable gift annuities.

Your Rate
Generally, the older you are at the start of your payments, the higher your rate.

Rates are recommended by the American Council on Gift Annuities. Actual calculations will vary based on the date of birth and the date of the gift.

Sample Deferred Gift Annuity Rates
One Life
Until Age
55 65 6.4%
60 70 7.0%
65 70 5.9%
65 75 7.8%
70 80 9.3%
75 80 7.9%
Two Lives
Until Age
55/55 75/75 9.4%
60/60 75/75 8.0%
65/65 80/80 9.1%
60/65 75/80 8.5%
65/70 80/85 9.8%
65/70 75/80 7.2%
Please contact us for a personalized illustration and to confirm your eligibility for this program

Not all organizations offer charitable gift annuities at the above ages and rates. Contact UC Riverside Foundation for a personalized illustration or for more information.

Steve, 65, gives $10,000 to a qualified charitable organization for a deferred payment gift annuity, with payments to start at age 75. Steve is eligible for an immediate income tax charitable deduction of $5,523 (assumes annual payments and a 2.4 percent charitable midterm federal rate—deductions vary based on income earned) when he itemizes. At age 75, he will start receiving yearly payments of $780 (7.8 percent x $10,000) for the rest of his life. Of that amount, $373 is tax-free to him until he reaches his life expectancy in 12 years.

Contact Tony Truong at 951-827-3793 or tony.truong@ucr.edu for more information.

Your Next Steps
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Charitable gift annuities may not be available in all states.

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