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Alice Meppen
A charitable gift annuity benefits Easter Seals and its donor

Alice Meppen is delighted. She recently increased her retirement income, while at the same time making a significant gift to Easter Seals as a way to say "thank you" for help her granddaughter received.

Alice's granddaughter Mary, 27, has autism. After struggling to find work, Mary—who lives with Alice—turned to Easter Seals for help finding a job.

Knowing what a difference it's made for her granddaughter to gain a new level of independence, Alice is grateful. She wanted to give back somehow to Easter Seals so that future generations of children and adults with disabilities could have similar opportunities.

When Alice learned last year about the benefits of an Easter Seals Gift Annuity, the timing was ideal.

She had a certificate of deposit (CD) that was earning a disappointing rate of  less than one percent. By funding an Easter Seals Gift Annuity with half of what was in the CD, she is now enjoying regular payments at a fixed annual rate of 7.9%, based on her age of 84 at the time she created the gift annuity. Better yet, the payments will never change; they're guaranteed for the rest of Alice's life. At the end of her lifetime, the remaining principal will fund Easter Seals programs like the one that made a difference for Mary.
"This is the first step," Alice says, adding that she may eventually establish additional gift annuities. "Right now, I'm interested in income. I also feel that if you have something to give, you should try to do what you can. A good many people like me have worked hard and are blessed with resources. I want to make my money work as efficiently as possible."

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