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Debra Perry
Ramapo College Alumna Gifts $40,000 Life Insurance Policy to Benefit College Honors Program

Just like many students, Debra Perry '84 attended Ramapo College as a nontraditional student. As a mother of young children, she returned to school part time to complete her undergraduate degree. She joined a significant population of women at various stages of their lives that were returning to school.

Returning adult students gratefully appreciated the opportunity to learn and their life experiences enriched many Ramapo College classrooms. "We were very welcomed by the traditional students and enjoyed sharing our varied life experiences with each other," Debra says.

Debra fondly remembers many memorable experiences at Ramapo. "Academically, the psychology classes with Professor Carol Campana, and Senior Seminar with Dr. Anthony Padavano were highlights. Also, the honor of being the student speaker at graduation was a very meaningful way to end my undergraduate degree."

Debra believes that there were many people at Ramapo who contributed to her life success. "Professor Lee Sennish encouraged returning women to appreciate our potential and reach challenging goals. For many, including me, it was a paradigm shift — envisioning our future. Without Lorraine Chouinard, Director of the Child Care Center, I would not have been able to finish my degree. She provided my sons with a stimulating and safe preschool environment when I attended classes."

Regarding today's Ramapo students, Debra is very impressed. "They are smart, driven, and have the sense of social responsibility and service that has been the very fabric of Ramapo from the beginning," she says. When asked what advice she would like to pass on to the next generation of Ramapo College students, Debra comments, "I would encourage today's Ramapo students to be active, engaged learners. Be leaders in their class discussions. Seek to incorporate their academic life in their everyday life."

Debra says she decided to make a gift to Ramapo College because "I want to help these talented students achieve their goals. I want to support the ongoing growth and success of Ramapo and its students. I decided on a planned gift because it was an affordable way to reach my financial goal of contributing to Ramapo. A life insurance policy gift provides a personal tax benefit for me and a wonderful gift for Ramapo.

"I would encourage every alumnus to consider giving back to Ramapo in some way, especially a planned gift," Debra shared.

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