Leave a Legacy

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Meet Our Investors

Tom Lemons
Being in the Legacy Circle is the way I ensure that my commitment to my global family is manifested... More

Chris Martin
People cannot focus on growth and flourishing when their daily focus is on meeting their most basic needs. More

Barbara and Jim Whitton
For the past 30 years, The Hunger Project has been the vehicle through which we feel... More

Wayne and Dorothy Stingley
We have committed our resources in partnership for the end of hunger during our lifetime. More

Jim Goodman
When I'm gone I want my biological family and my Hunger Project family to be supported. More

Paul Hrabal
THP is a life long commitment for Paul Hrabal. More

Barry Saiff
"Why I am leaving part of my estate to THP." More

Hilary Johnston and Les Shiell
"The greatest legacy we can leave our children..." More

Mark Flashen
"I am supporting the Hunger Project with a planned gift because..." More

Susan Bixler
"Creating self-reliance for both women and men is the only sustainable approach to ending world hunger..." More

Eileen Epperson
"I am delighted to leave a portion of my financial legacy to The Hunger Project..." More

Bill Kantrowitz
"I have chosen to include THP in my estate planning for two main reasons..." More