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Meet Our Donors

Repaying a Debt of Gratitude With a Lasting Gift
Basil and Eleanor "Ellie" Borders have been enthusiastic supporters of Berea College for a duration of more than 50 years, but who exactly inspired the Borders' story depends on who you ask. More

Giving Back Is Their Way of Life
Dr. Steven Yates and Debbie Jarvis-Yates, '83 make giving and service their way of life, a virtue they fostered at Berea through the labor program. They made their first will shortly after being married, and, thankful for the blessings they have received—including their education—decided to include Berea in their estate plans. Why did they make this generous gift? More

Making Connections
For Bob and Judy Airhart, life is about making connections: connecting people, connecting ideas, and connecting to the things that matter most in life. Their support of Berea College was a natural outgrowth of their passion to connect promising individuals with the opportunity to succeed. To foster those connections, they have created a charitable gift annuity with Berea College. More

Successful Investment Manager Makes a Long-Term Investment in Berea
When Richard "Dick" Burridge talks, people listen. To describe him as a successful investment manager would be an understatement of monumental proportions. In the world of finance, Dick has reached the pinnacle of success. And he decided to share his success with Berea students by leaving a gift to the College in his will. More

Inspiring the Next Generation of Students and Donors
"Giving back has been something my family has always believed in. They made me promise that I would give back," Jamario Reed '11 says. Jamario recognized that Berea was instrumental in preparing him for his future and made good on his promise while he was still a college senior, becoming the first student member of the Great Commitments Society. More

How Berea Changed Our Lives: A Q&A With John and Amy Harmon
John never thought he would go to Berea. For Amy, it was the only college she applied to… and then she thought she was turned down! At Berea, their lives were changed. John got over his oppressive shyness and Amy learned about new ideas and issues. Now John and Amy Harmon tell just about everyone they meet about the magic that is BC. More

Geneva Matlock's "Wild Idea" Continues to Touch Lives
It was the early '50s, and Geneva Matlock told her family she was going to go to med school. Oh, no, they thought. Not another one of Geneva's wild ideas. Well, this home ec major did go to med school, one of four women in a class of 104. Now, after a successful career as an anesthesiologist, Geneva is "repaying" her scholarship. And she just may do it again. More

The Importance of Relationships
Young Alumnus Names Berea College as Beneficiary of Life Insurance Policy

Kelly Williams discovered making a planned gift to support Berea College doesn't have to wait until you're in your 50s. By making Berea a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, Kelly found a cost-efficient gift that makes a big impact. More

Paying It Forward
For Charlie Honeycutt, charitable annuities help others walk the same path of success. Giving back to Berea College was important. One of the most meaningful aspects of his own Berea education (1951) was his experience with the College's Labor Program, which attracted him to the school and helped him achieve success in all avenues of his life. More


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Meet Our Donors

Meet Our Donors

Read about how supporters like you are making a difference at Berea College.

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