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A Cause Close to Her Heart
In 2009, Dr. Estelle Crino visited the SUNY Fredonia campus to attend an event honoring her mentor, Dr. Robert Heichberger. Dr. Heichberger had launched the Heichberger Family and Scholars of Leadership Endowment Fund to strengthen school leadership training. More

Her Spirit Lives
Life is about giving and receiving gifts. Gifts that provide significant springboards during our lives are especially noteworthy. Such is the case with the Winifred Budd Elementary Education Scholarship — a living remembrance of a special woman and alumna of SUNY Fredonia. Article featured in Dallas K. Beal Legacy Society Summer 2012 Newsletter.

Building on the Strong Foundation of a Fredonia Education
In the summer of 2009, I became involved with fellow Fredonia alumni and friends to bring the Theodore Frazeur Percussion Scholarship to full endowment. In the process, I worked with the Fredonia College Foundation and communicated with many alumni. Article featured in Dallas K. Beal Legacy Society Fall 2011 Newsletter.

Larger Than Life
Robert "Bob" Gloor was pleased to provide a leadership gift to SUNY Fredonia's Department of Theatre and Dance during the campus' first capital campaign, which began in 1995. He felt the gift was a way to honor his father's memory, while helping the department he held dear.Article featured in Dallas K. Beal Legacy Society Spring 2011 Newsletter.

A Teacher's Support Comes From the Heart
As a teacher who enjoyed a 33-year career, Willetta Swanson understands the importance of a college education. Willetta taught elementary school from the time she graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 1946 until her retirement in 1980. Article featured in Dallas K. Beal Legacy Society Fall 2010 Newsletter.

One Couple's Desire to Do Real and Permanent Good
Annmarie (Woloszyn), '70, and Alan Nichter, '69, met at SUNY Fredonia as counselors during the 1968 Summer Freshman Orientation Program. They held fond memories, but had not been back to campus for some time. Article featured in Dallas K. Beal Legacy Society Spring 2010 Newsletter.

Planting Trees for Tomorrow
When my parents passed away, I decided that the best way to honor them would be to endow a scholarship with the Fredonia College Foundation. Founding the Mary B. and Joseph A. Caruso Memorial Scholarship was an excellent and meaningful way to create a permanent and effective legacy in their names. Article featured in Dallas K. Beal Legacy Society Winter 2009 Newsletter.

Turning Dreams into Reality
Alongside every student's worry of academics, activities and their social life lurks the all too present fear of how to pay for it all. Tuition and fees are burdensome; however, it is wonderful there is the generosity of donors, who understand the importance of educating the up-and-coming generations.

Whenever we lose someone close to our hearts, our first reaction is to celebrate their life and try to find a way to tell their story. It not only helps us cope with our loss, but it keeps the spirit of that individual alive. Tom and Kathie Luther, along with their son, Jason, '99, '00, and his wife, Emily (Workman), '00, established the Kristen M. Luther Memorial Fund.

"Indeed I Was Here..."
As I enjoyed my retirement years basking in the Florida sun, I eventually realized I had to sit down and take stock of my life. I had to come to terms with what must be done with my estate and since there were no family members to consider in my will, an alternative plan had to be devised.

Dedicated to Helping Students
It is always important to give your best effort. That was a priority in the successful life of Santa DiPasquale. She lived it, she encouraged others to embrace it, and it's a trait she wanted to see rewarded in students who displayed it.

Remembering "the People Who Propelled Me"
Ralph Serpe, '85, a philanthropic advisor, maintains a strong emotional connection to the people of Fredonia after following his sister Carole-Lynn, '82, to western New York from their family's North Babylon home on Long Island. It was his introduction to music and community service at Fredonia that set the course for his life.

An Open Letter to Fellow Alumni: Dr. Robert A. Hagstrom, '64
My desire to give to Fredonia has grown throughout my adult life, as I have become increasingly aware of how profoundly individuals at Fredonia influenced my life. I so wish that other undergrads, uncertain about their majors and futures, could have the same experiences—in their own unique ways, of course.

Class of 1930 Graduate Still Supports, Celebrates Her Alma Mater
Some people have it all, and some people appreciate what they have. Margaret Shuler Wyckoff, Class of 1930, is one of the latter. As one of those special few who truly know how to make the most of what life has offered to her, she has been able to enrich the lives of countless students.

Helping Students Realize Dreams
Chances are you will find few individuals more supportive of SUNY Fredonia and the Fredonia/Dunkirk community than Ann and Doug Manly. A desire to share their good fortune with the community that has been such an important part of their lives has led to them making a very special gift to the Fredonia College Foundation.

Leaving a Legacy
In life, Dorothy (Lockwood) Anderson was a model of all that SUNY Fredonia can be. She made the most of her time on campus, then took the lessons she learned as a student and used them to earn personal fulfillment while delivering joy to countless others in the western New York community.

Compelled to Share...
Olga Cielnicky Leone wanted to be an elementary school teacher. When she began her search for the right college, she sent letters to institutions across New York State, knowing that she came from an immigrant family of modest means and would have to work part time to support her dream.

Nixon Family Legacy
When Samuel F. Nixon of Westfield passed away in 1959, a local newspaperman, quoting the words of Alexander Pope, wrote: "Who builds a church to God, and not to fame, will never mark the marble with his name." Pope was right—it can be easier to remember those who would actively promote their own legacy. The journalist, however, was wrong.

Our Time to Serve
When my husband, Tony, and I retired, we were looking forward to spending time traveling, visiting grandchildren and continuing to enjoy our Fredonia home.

Creating a Lasting Gift
Creating a scholarship endowment fund through a planned gift is one way to provide opportunities for the next generation of SUNY Fredonia students. Lisa G. Eikenburg, '79, wanted to help keep precious memories of her dad alive when she established the Charles C. Eikenburg Scholarship for Opera and Vocal Performance with the Fredonia College Foundation. More

Perpetuating the Gift of Education
What I see and hear consistently from SUNY Fredonia alumni is a sense of pride and a feeling of satisfaction when they speak of their alma mater. That stated, some visits with alumni are more memorable than others, such as in the case of Richard and Arlene (West) LoGuidice '65. Exuberant would be a better description of our meeting. More

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