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Meet Our Donors

Giving To Fulfill A Calling
Risa Taub has given her time, talents and financial resources to fulfill her calling of serving pediatric cancer patients. She encourages others to follow their hearts to make a difference for young patients at Texas Children's. More

Impacting A Community Of Children: A Family's Perspective On The Bequest Of Philip Ross Neuhaus
Our father, Philip Ross Neuhaus, embraced life to the fullest. He cherished his family and friends as well as the relationships he built in the community through his work in the investment industry where he was so well respected. More

Paying—Even More—Forward
There's not much Dr. Edward Singleton enjoys more than the chance to talk about pediatric radiology. He continues to be an open book on how the profession has made a difference in the lives of so many at Texas Children's Hospital—including his own. More

The Legacy of Leopold L. Meyer
Generous, immense and undeniably intertwined with Texas Children's Hospital's legacy of loving care is the legacy of Leopold L. Meyer. Read on to learn about the remarkable fundraising efforts of this founding trustee. More

Cheerful Giving
Charlene Ault-Hallmark has spent much of her adult life working at Texas Children's. She provides support to special programs, and has included a bequest in her will to make a lasting impact on children and families after her lifetime. More

A Giving Heart Can Last Forever
Although Meredith Miller's natural heart expired at age 11, her heart's desire to give to others lives on through the Meredith Erin Miller Endowed Fund in Cardiology at Texas Children's Hospital. With a commitment of $25,000, Mr. Meredith Miller and Ms. Julie Miller established the fund in memory of their daughter. More

A Gift for the Future
For many people, retirement means looking back at past events and accomplishments. But for Michael and Nancy Davis of Weatherford, Texas, it's a time to look forward … to the next generation. More

Partners in Life, Partners in Giving
Partners in life since 1959, George Ferry, M.D., and Joan Ferry, Ph.D., are also partners in their philanthropic giving decisions, and they have been devoted supporters of both Texas Children's Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) for more than 35 years. More

A Family Tradition
The Drs. Rosenthal of Ashford Pediatric Associates have been making their mark on Texas Children's for 57 years. This well-known family of pediatricians has also made philanthropic contributions to the hospital for many years, including a gift in support of Texas Children's Hospital West Campus. More

Supporting Causes They Love
A desire to use their philanthropy as effectively as possible brought Texas Children's neonatologist Dr. Leslie L. Harris and her husband, Dr. Edward G. Baptista, an adult cardiologist and recent chief of staff at Kingwood Medical Center, into the fold of Ambassadors for Texas Children's Hospital as lifetime members. More

Honoring One Child's Life, Bringing Hope to Many
Like many fathers, Michael Linn had great dreams for his son, Matthew, when he was born in 1982. Sadly, Matthew was born with a congenital heart defect—his tiny heart had two chambers instead of four. More

It's All in the Family
It was with a strong sense of joining a warm and close-knit medical family that Dr. Joan E. Shook and Dr. Jeffrey R. Starke each accepted residencies, fellowships, faculty positions at Baylor College of Medicine and posts at Texas Children's Hospital in the early 1980s. More

Changing Lives Long After Her Own
In the mid-1970s, when young Lee Edward Ellis of Houston contracted Burkitt's lymphoma—a rare form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma—treatment options were limited. Today, 30 years later, the disease has more than an 80 percent survival rate. More

Joining Together to Make a Big Impact
As the daughter of a physician in general practice in Southern California and a mom who has always been a giver, Dr. Carol J. Baker has understood the notion of giving to others since her earliest childhood. When she came to Houston and Texas Children's Hospital, she learned what a huge impact that outlook can have when it's... More

Remembering the Past While Looking to the Future
With a commitment to Texas Children's Fetal Center in memory of her daughter, Reba Galinsky, who died in utero in 1997, Nadine Galinsky Feldman has established an endowed fund through her estate plans to help give other prospective mothers and their at-risk babies a better chance to share a life together. More

Planning Ahead for Texas Children's
Planning ahead is a way of life for Cris Daskevich; perhaps more than most folks. As a senior vice president of Texas Children's Hospital, she's involved every day in planning ahead for Texas Children's Maternity Center and women's services. But she has also made a personal plan for herself and her family far into the future by including Texas Children's Hospital... More

Creating a Brighter Future for Children
Doting great-grandpa Harry Argovitz knows a good deal when he sees one. So when he learned about charitable gift annuities available through Texas Children's Hospital, he jumped at the opportunity to establish one that will help his beloved great-granddaughter, Mackenzie "Kiki" Tobor. His annuity will ultimately benefit the hospital's program... More

Hope and Healing for Children With Cancer
Sometimes, one moment in time really does change a life forever. For Don and Sidney Faust, that moment came during the 1998 Cancer League of Houston luncheon when they were introduced to some of the youngest patients of Texas Children's Cancer Center. Meeting the brave, compelling children brought the Fausts to the realization that... More

"Texas Children's Believed in Me"
Dr. Donald J. Fernbach joined Texas Children's Hospital as a firstyear resident in 1954 and quickly emerged as a major force in its success. His commitment to finding new ways to heal sick children has been fundamental to the hospital's phenomenal growth. Now his foresight and generosity will support oncology... More

Wilson Gift Helps Advance Research for Cystic Fibrosis—Yours Can, Too
Most people may not think to name Texas Children's Hospital as the beneficiary of an IRA. After spending many hours at Texas Children's with his granddaughter, however, Jackson O. Wilson did. Jack Wilson's 9-year-old granddaughter, Emily Otto, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) almost immediately after she was... More

Visionary John C. Silvey, Jr. Creates His Legacy
Active and healthy at 85 years old, and firmly controlling the reins of his life and future, Mr. Silvey has carefully and thoroughly studied all the options for planning and investing his estate;and Texas Children's Hospital features prominently in those plans. He has created a charitable gift annuity with the hospital and included a generous bequest in his will. More

Gifts of a Lifetime
Year by year, gift by gift, Dr. William T. Shearer has made financial contributions to Texas Children's Hospital that add up to an extraordinary lifetime commitment. Dr. Shearer came to Texas Children’s in 1978 to establish the Allergy and Immunology Service and made his first contributions... More

A Whole-Hearted Gift
As far back as she can remember, Susan Rockwell, R.N., wanted to heal broken hearts. As a pediatric cardiology nurse at Texas Children’s Heart Center, she dedicated her life to providing cardiac care to many young patients but always felt that she could give more. Rockwell’s 26-year tenure at the Heart Center and the many life-saving treatments she saw pioneered... More

How Will You Leave Your Legacy?
Dr. Barbara Mitchell wanted to leave a legacy through her estate plan that would combine her love for education and health with her desire to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. She found a perfect fit in Texas Children's Hospital. Her interest in health and child development began in college... More

Rebecca Meyer Brown
For fourteen years Rebecca Meyer Brown was a faithful and frequent donor to Texas Children's Hospital. Her philanthropic support provided seed money for a variety of hospital programs and ongoing support for several others. “My mother gave to the hospital because she thought Texas Children’s was where children would get the best care... More

Paying Tribute to Texas Children's First Benefactors
In 1994, Texas Children's Hospital established the J. S. and Lillie Abercrombie Society to honor its first major benefactors, whose kindness and foresight helped create Texas Children's. Today, through the Abercrombie Society, Texas Children’s recognizes and pays tribute to people who have included the hospital in their estate plans. More

Abercrombie Society Member Spotlight: Janelda Bentrup
Janelda Bentrup went through the most difficult time in her life when her only child, Brenda Bentrup Mosenthin, passed away at age 42. However, through a planned gift to Texas Children’s Hospital, Janelda is fulfilling Brenda’s lifelong wish to give back to the hospital. She would say to me, when we die – we’re going... More

A Gift With Flexibility
Barbara and Roy Adams know the importance of flexibility. During Roy’s 32-year career with Exxon, the couple lived overseas for 23 years in five countries and traveled to more than 50 countries, finely honing their adaptability and packing skills. When Roy retired in 1993, the couple chose to move back to Houston, where... More

Giving Back
Almost 30 years ago, Dinah Schnitzer's two sons, Adam, 30, and Andrew, 27, were both diagnosed with congenital conditions of the digestive system when they were infants. As a result of the expert care they received at Texas Children's, Schnitzer became a generous supporter. >"l'm fortunate to be able to give back to the hospital that has given so much to me," she said. Not long ago... More

A Well-Lived, Philanthropic Life
Alice Jan Minatra was no stranger to philanthropy. In fact, she dedicated her life to helping others. She gave freely of her time, talent and resources to many Houston charities including the Houston Symphony League, Rice University, the Salvation Army and Child Advocates. According to her daughter, Amanda Hesse, Minatra was “a very generous woman... More

Volunteer Gives Friendship and Funds to Help Newborns
Jim Bordelon is a man with a plan. His plan is to ensure that the little babies in Texas Children's Newborn Center continue to receive the highest level of care and treatment for many years to come. In October, Jim, as he likes to be called, designated a gift through his will to Texas... More


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