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When it comes to planning a gift to support Cook Children's Health Care System and making a difference in the lives of the innocent and defenseless, there are many giving options to choose from besides simply writing a check. Whether you want to support our mission today or design a plan that benefits Cook Children's after you are gone, you can feel good knowing that you are shaping the future of health care for children for generations to come.

We value your generosity and want to help you find the giving method that is right for you. The information you find on this site will arm you with the knowledge you need to make this decision. Explore the many resources available here, and contact us if we can assist you in your planning.

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Read our current selection of topics. Here you will find articles of all interests, updates on tax laws and the latest news on estate and gift planning.

Plan by Age

Whether you are beginning to plan for your future and family or protecting your assets to carry you through retirement, there are ways to help Cook Children's without disrupting your lifestyle. Simply choose the appropriate age and find articles that matter most to you.

Three-Step Planning

Explore gift-planning methods that can provide security, lifetime income or tax-saving measures, depending on your needs.
Read through the types of assets that can provide significant support for Cook Children's and give you options to maximize your satisfaction.
Follow the logical course of applying your wishes to the many options available to achieve gift-planning success.