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Planned Giving

Writing Your Life Story: What’s Your Legacy?

Throughout our lives there are moments when we pause to reflect—on what we have achieved and what we hope to accomplish. We consider how to write each chapter of our life story in a way that embodies our values in word and deed.

Your support of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation reflects your values—values of justice, equality and compassion. A charitable gift to the HRC Foundation as part of your estate plan is a way to ensure your values live on for future generations.

What you give to friends, loved ones and the causes you champion is also a way of expressing your hopes and dreams for the future. Your commitment to a future of equality and fairness for all can be part of your enduring legacy—the capstone of your life.

The information contained herein with respect to estate planning and planned giving to the HRC Foundation is a starting point for considering how you can make sure your life story is joined forever with the story of the fight for equality that is the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Please note that planned gifts can be made to either the Human Rights Campaign or the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which are two separate but affiliated organizations. Learn more.

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