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Planned Giving


Welcome to the Gift Planning Site for California State University, Los Angeles!
The gift planning staff at California State University, Los Angeles stands ready to help you meet your unique financial needs by:

  • Providing gift plans that benefit you and your family
  • Bringing immediate and deferred tax advantages to both you and your heirs
  • Having a meaningful impact on Cal State L.A. and our goals and interests, beyond your own lifetime and far into the future

Inspiration To Give Began At Cal State L.A.
Asmat Sami Siddiqui's career as a student at California State University, Los Angeles laid the groundwork for the inspiration and dreams that would shape his life—including his mantra of helping those who want to help themselves. More

2014: The Year of the Charitable Remainder Trust
This year we have seen U.S. equity markets continue to reach all-time highs, and real estate values have improved in many parts of the country. More

Can I Throw This Away?
Expiration Date Tracker for Important Documents

Discover when it's okay to finally get rid of those files. More

10 Things You Need in an Emergency
When extreme weather or an unexpected emergency comes knocking at your door, the last thing you want to do is spend precious time searching the house for important documents. Consider putting together an evacuation box today. More

Truth or Consequences
So, talking about estate planning just doesn't hit home for you. How could it when you're stretching your income to pay for the education of kids or grandkids, save for retirement, or help to meet the needs of your aging parents—all while contributing to our cause, too? You should know the truth, though. More


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