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Talented young men and women come to Graceland University to prepare for productive careers and rich lives. We are committed to creating learning communities where students grow and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. And we need your help. Through a gift in your estate plans, called a planned gift, you can provide long-term support to Graceland and make a real difference to our faculty and students.

Getting Started

Gift Planning 101
Not sure where to start? Here are a few different ways to give. And if you're wondering about what you can give, start here.

Your Dollars at Work

Graceland Forever Campaign
Track our progress and read the latest news from the Graceland Forever campaign.

Calculate Your Benefits

Skip the Math
Hate crunching numbers? You'll love our Gift Illustrator and its easy-to-understand steps.

Who You Help

Students' Success Stories
We have a saying at Graceland: 'You belong here simply because you are here.' And I believe in that statement."

- Karima Burns, 2014

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