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Planned Giving, Smart Giving... You Can Make a Difference
11th Annual Legacy Society Dinner
President Peter P. Mercer and guest speaker Drew Nieporent with Ramapo College alumni at the 11th Annual Legacy Society Dinner. (L-R) Susan Geltman '92, Carolyn Merkel '78, Marion Dugan '80, Jeffrey Warren '73, Kathy Azzara '02, Jonathan Marcus '93, Audrey Newman '93, Debra Perry '85, President Peter P. Mercer, Sue Sykes '06, Marina Topken '03, Drew Nieporent and Mary Ippolito '82
Nick and Susan Vallario at a special dinner, wine tasting and presentation event

Nick and Susan Vallario at a special dinner, wine tasting and presentation event hosted by the Ramapo College Foundation.
Successful Women Series

(L-R) Joan Dunn, Lisa Ryan '84 and Fran Hackett '80 at Successful Women Start the Year Right, as part of the Successful Women Series.

Your planned giving donation can support student scholarship aid, faculty research projects, enhanced campus facilities and programs. The Office of Planned Giving can help you select the best method of giving to make your charitable gift meaningful, while meeting your personal (financial) goals. By considering your gift planning options, you will discover the many benefits that will create a lasting legacy.

Ramapo College is grateful for the many ways its benefactors support the institution. The Legacy Society recognizes alumni and friends who have created an endowment or who have provided for Ramapo College in their estate plans through wills, life income gifts, retirement plans, life insurance dedications and other planned gifts.

Scholarship Donors Make Giving a Family Affair
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3 Gift Options for the Person Who Wants Flexibility
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Master the Art of Philanthropy
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Counting the Benefits of Giving Cash
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Planning Today So You Can Give Later
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