Planned Giving

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Dream great dreams and plan great plans...
for making great impact.

Innovative and tax-wise, planned gift strategies create the opportunity to provide financial security for you and your family and establish an everlasting personal legacy that will make an impact on future CMC students and the broader world.

On our website you can explore specific plans that enable you to make a gift you may never have thought possible while increasing your income, avoiding or minimizing capital gain taxes, generating charitable tax deductions; or how to make a gift from your estate that does not disinherit your heirs.

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Discover the POWER of an Income Inheritance

Discover how leaving just 10%-15% of your heir’s inheritance as a guaranteed stream of income payable over 15 years enables you to create an everlasting charitable legacy and a full inheritance for your heirs.

Click here to learn about the Income-Inheritance Trust.

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Straighten Up Your Records

Use The Organizer to get your family, financial and personal records in order with our Excel-based record keeping system.