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What About Grandma's Ring?

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Whether it's an antique clock, a handcrafted fishing lure or your grandmother's wedding ring, deciding who receives sentimental items in your family may involve a little more consideration than you might think.

For example, do you have an item with sentimental value that is not as important to your children? Maybe you're sweating the idea that your treasured '67 Pontiac GTO could find its way on a used car lot instead of in the hands of another hobbyist?
Have Just the Person?
If you can think of a family member who will relish one of your prized assets the way you had, a bequest in your will is the easiest way to ensure your loved one will take ownership—in most instances without tax implications—and put the item to good use.

Can't Think of Anyone in Your Family?
These types of assets can also make perfect charitable bequests from your will or living trust since they can be sold without paying taxes on the amount and used to help fund our mission.

Regardless of whether you give a percentage of your estate, a flat dollar amount or one of your favorite things, your gift will have a positive impact on those we serve.

We're Here to Help
If you are interested in including a gift to Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Foundation, Inc. in your will, please contact Paula S. Fortunas at 850-431-5752 or for more information.

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