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Ways to Give

Charitable Gift Planning
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Be There for Your Grandkids

Calculate Your Benefits
It's a special privilege to help grandchildren achieve their dreams, and there are many sound financial management tools to help you do just that and achieve your charitable goals. Take a moment to find one that's right for your situation.
  1. Charitable lead trust. When you donate money or property to a trust you create, the income from the trust flows to us for a stated number of years. Then, after that time, the assets can be distributed to your grandchildren or other individuals you choose.
  2. Charitable remainder trust. After your lifetime, this trust is funded with assets you specified in your estate plan. It can provide your grandchildren with income for life. After that, the remainder in the trust will support our work.
Gift Calculator Calculate your benefits with a charitable remainder trust.
  1. Annual exclusion gift. If you want to help them now while you're alive, you can make a gift of up to $14,000 to each of your grandkids or children once a year, gift tax–free.
Learn More
We can help you learn more about the tax-smart ways to give to the people and organizations you love. Contact Paula S. Fortunas at 850-431-5752 or to get started.

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