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Stumbo Celebrates 50 Years of Working for Children

Fifty years of taking care of children! That’s a milestone Floyd I. Stumbo will celebrate Oct. 11, 2007, with a banquet at the Lubbock Country Club.

After his military service to our country and receiving his master’s degree in agriculture from Kansas State, Floyd came to work at the Home in 1957. He never thought he would spend a lifetime serving the needs of children; now, God willing, his service will continue well into a sixth decade.

A vital part of Floyd’s career has been his beautiful wife, Pat. We, therefore, honor and celebrate their partnership of service with the introduction of the Floyd and Pat Stumbo Legacy Society. This legacy society will honor those who support this ministry through their bequests or planned gifts. Stumbo Legacy Society members will be honored in perpetuity in a very special area of The Children’s Home campus.

Floyd and Pat will also be honored with the establishment of the Stumbo Anniversary Endowment dedicated to the Home’s child care ministry and campus beautification. This endowment will ensure their continuing legacy at The Children’s Home.

Floyd would be the first to give credit to so many others who have helped the Home and Foundation succeed in nurturing children through the years. But his work is a cornerstone in the progression of The Children’s Home of Lubbock into one of the most respected child care facilities in this part of the United States.

We salute Floyd and Pat on this significant event in their lives, and we thank God for giving Floyd the heart and desire to be such a positive and long-lasting worker on behalf of children.

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