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Jay and Georgia Horner
Remembering the Ranch—A Donor's Story

What could be better than knowing a special charity of yours will benefit by your gift in the "here after."

During dinner at a restaurant in Manhattan in 1987 a friend of mine mentioned that Paul Newman was creating a camp for seriously ill children in Connecticut. Having spent nine memorable years at a camp in the Adirondacks, this concept seemed like an interesting cause to research... special needs children attending a special camp...what an amazing idea!

For over ten years, The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp became a major priority for me. Visiting camp-observing visually impaired children going on trail rides, kids in wheelchairs getting to swim in the lake and children who require assistance by the use of crutches running relay races-were all the norm. They were having a lot of fun. Just like kids at the camp I attended!

Before we met, Jay and I had each become familiar with the Double H Ranch through different life experiences. As a camper I went to Charley Wood's amusement parks...Frontier Town...Story Town...all were great memories of special trip days at camp; while Jay knew of Charley from being a local in Upstate New York.

Jay's camping experiences were different then mine. I loved camp and Jay did not. However, we both agree on the importance of a camp experience.

We continue to make camp part of our lives. Whenever we take our out-of -town guests to the Adirondacks we drive by my old camp on Schroon Lake and point out the original bunks.

Jay and I feel very fortunate that our path led us to the Double H Ranch as volunteers. We especially enjoy volunteering on new arrival days; watching the kids arrive with great excitement and/or fear that quickly turns into a smile as they are surrounded by staff who immediately draw them into the magic of camp. Visiting camp during the summer cannot be have to go and experience it for yourself. Volunteering for everyday chores and serving on various committees makes our current Double H experience particularly rewarding.

Jay and I feel fortunate that we are able to help children experience camp life, and we hope that others will have a strong feeling for the Ranch and be inspired to leave a bequest to preserve this unique and very special place.

—Jay and Georgia Horner

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