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    Gifts of Cash: Getting Started

    The easiest, most common way for you to support RSNA is with cash gifts—typically gifts by check.

    Main Benefits
    When you make a cash gift by currency, credit card or check to R&E Foundation today, we both benefit. Your generosity enables us to meet our most urgent needs and carry out our mission on a daily basis. Your benefits include:
    • The ability to choose how your gift is used.
    • The opportunity to see the results of your generosity.
    • An immediate charitable deduction on your federal income taxes, when you itemize.
    CheckmarkIf You Don't Usually Itemize...
    If you have few itemized deductions, consider alternating between years in which you take the standard deduction and make few charitable gifts and years in which you give double your usual annual philanthropic support and shift to itemizing.

    Make an online gift to R&E Foundation.

    How to Document Your Gift
    For gifts by check of less than $250, a copy of the check is sufficient documentation. For a check of $250 or more, you should obtain a receipt from the charity.

    For other contributions, be sure to get a written acknowledgement of your gift from RSNA Research & Education Foundation. It must include:
    • The amount of cash contributed.
    • Whether you received any goods or services in exchange for the gift.
    • A description and good faith estimate of the value of any goods or services you received in return.
    How to Figure Your Maximum Charitable Deductions
    Generally, the maximum deduction for cash gifts is 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. If filing jointly, use your aggregate adjusted gross income. Any excess deduction may be carried over for up to five additional years.

    Example: Figuring Your Benefits
    Donor profile: Richard plans to make a $1,000 cash gift to a qualified charitable organization. Richard's annual adjusted gross income is $45,000.

    Gift amount
    Taxes saved [Richard's combined state and federal marginal income tax rate (28%) x his gift amount ($1,000)] $280
    Net cost of gift (gift amount - taxes saved) $720

    To learn more about supporting RSNA today, contact Shelley Taylor at 630-590-7773 or sltaylor@rsna.org .

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